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'ltr price wall painting asian wall paints'
Berger Paints presents Easy clean the easiest way to keep walls strain free, from any kind of dirt, any mess it is the easiest way to keep your house Super clean
BERGER has all product range found in paint industry at all price points for interior , exterior or industrial paints
PAINTS with all colours and shades , Berger paints is present all over india and omnipresent in west bengal and kolkata specially
Distributors , C& F and wholesalers of best pvc tank company Sintex , providing water storage solution for years to household as well as industries, with wide range of product multilayer to triple layer tanks with price range starting from Rs. 4/-
BERGER PAINTS launches Silk Glamour , a premium interior paint which has no competition in the market with Katrina Kaif as Brand Ambassdor